Tuesday, 3 July 2012

'Miao Memoirs Final Designs'

Here are my final designs from my most recent project 'Miao Memoirs'. Most of the designs are scarf designs, but I've done a visualisation to show my designs in a clothing context. My favourite one is the 'Across the Borders' Design as I think the colours really stand out against the dark border. Each border/stripe is taken from a section of one of my drawings such as the collars of shirts and it has then been reflected and repeated to create a stripe which is almost unidentifiably linked to its original drawing.....My other favourite is the 'Turquoise Drop'...

  'Diamond Drop' 'Green and Pink Scenic' 'Turquoise Drop'

'Across the Border' 

'Gossiping Miao'

'Repeat Lu Choo Peng' 

'Market Day' 

'Turquoise Collaged Scarf' 

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