Tuesday, 19 June 2012

'Miao Memoirs'

So...It's been a while since I last blogged but I'm turning over a new leaf, so be prepared for regular updates! My recent project (for my final degree show) was based around the Miao minority group in China. I originally found out about them through the Embroiderers Guild  and can't get enough of learning about their fascinating culture. Their costumes are amazing and I was lucky enough to see some of their textiles up close - thanks to Sally Sparks and Viv Young who helped with my research...

A child's jacket with embroidered figures...The jacket is probably suited to a child around the age of 5.

This is a close up of woven metal that's been incorporated with woven fabric. The design is done so skillfully and intricately that the photo is taken using a magnifying glass due to its tiny scale. 

An adult jacket using a combination of different fabrics. As the Maio are a sustainable culture they recycle old embroidery and textiles; using it for the cuffs and collars etc of garments...

Close up of woven embroidery. Some of the shapes found within this design are often associated with 'classic' Miao textiles.

This is an example of a Miao's origami sewing 'box'. Each diamond/square folds out into a separate section and when closed; it is tied with a ribbon to keep it all together.

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