Wednesday, 20 June 2012

'The Treasure Nest' - Park Arts'11...

Even though it was nearly a year ago, I thought I'd write about Park Arts'11which took place in St. Andrews Park in Bristol. I was selected to produce an art installation for children which would be revealed at the Park Arts Festival on 10th July 2011 and would stay up in the park for a month after. As it was aimed at children I wanted to make it interactive and it had to be as sustainable as possible. I decided to create a pirate themed, scenic installation that was viewed through different leveled peep holes on a large 'treasure box'. The purpose of the different leveled holes meant that children of different heights could each see the scene from a different perspective - e.g. under water (where the waves could be moved from side to side), pirate ship (which could bob up and down) or parrots flying (which the children could move across the sky). In order to create a magical atmosphere and enhance the pirate themed scene; I made three, 3ft tall parrots which hung in the tree above 'The Treasure Nest'. The event was a great success and was featured in: the Bristol Evening Post, Bristol Radio and Bristol Points North...

This photo appeared in the Bristol Evening Post. The large parrots are made from a mixture of bubble wrap (for the main body), an old lampshade, empty drinks cans, PVC, Yeo Valley yogurt pot lids (pleated and stapled to make the wings) and other recycled materials.

The inside of the 'Treasure Nest' 

One of the other lucky artists - Lucie Smailes who also exhibit their work in St. Andrews Park. 

An example of children looking through the different people holes at the scene inside.

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